6.1.8. Components

This part of the Bugzilla API allows you to deal with the available product components. You will be able to get information about them as well as manipulate them. Create Component

This allows you to create a new component in Bugzilla. You must be authenticated and be in the editcomponents group to perform this action.


To create a new component:

POST /rest/component
  "product" : "TestProduct",
  "name" : "New Component",
  "description" : "This is a new component",
  "default_assignee" : "dkl@mozilla.com"

Some params must be set, or an error will be thrown. These params are shown in bold.

name type description
name string The name of the new component.
product string The name of the product that the component must be added to. This product must already exist, and the user have the necessary permissions to edit components for it.
description string The description of the new component.
default_assignee string The login name of the default assignee of the component.
default_cc array Each string representing one login name of the default CC list.
default_qa_contact string The login name of the default QA contact for the component.
is_open boolean 1 if you want to enable the component for bug creations. 0 otherwise. Default is 1.


  "id": 27
name type description
id int The ID of the newly-added component.

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