7.2. Files To Be Localized

There are several different types of files to be localized:

7.2.1. Templates

*.tmpl files
These files are Template Toolkit templates, which are used to generate the HTML pages which make up Bugzilla's user interface. There are templates in both the extensions and template subdirectories.
This is a Perl file. It contains strings which are used when displaying information or error messages during Bugzilla's setup, when the templating infrastructure is not available. It is located in the template/en/default/setup directory.

7.2.2. Documentation

*.rst files:
These files are ReStructuredText, and contain Bugzilla's documentation. There are reST files in the docs and extensions/Example/docs/en/rst subdirectories.
This is an XML source file for the diagramming tool Dia. It is used to generate the flow diagram showing the different states in a bug lifecycle, which is part of the documentation.