7.11. Keeping Templates and Documentation Up-To-DateΒΆ

Some localizers like to keep their locale up to date with the development trunk; others like to do all the work in one go when the software nears release. If you are of the former sort, you should watch the Bugzilla Git repositories to catch the changes in the files.

To do so, you can subscribe to the Atom or RSS feeds that log every commit in the repositories.

The list of commits can be found on this page. The branch named "master" is the current focus of Bugzilla development, and the place from which the next release will come. If you want to watch a different branch, select it from the dropdown "Branch:" widget in the top left. Once you have your branch, add ".atom" to the end of the URL in the URL bar to get a feed you can subscribe to. You will be notified about each commit that happens on this branch.