3.13. Sanity Check

Over time it is possible for the Bugzilla database to become corrupt or to have anomalies. This could happen through manual database administration outside of the Bugzilla user interface, or from some other unexpected event. Bugzilla includes a “Sanity Check” that can perform several basic database checks, and repair certain problems or inconsistencies.

To run a Sanity Check, log in as an Administrator and click the Sanity Check link in the admin page. Any problems that are found will be displayed in red letters. If the script is capable of fixing a problem, it will present a link to initiate the fix. If the script cannot fix the problem it will require manual database administration or recovery.

Sanity Check can also be run from the command line via the perl script sanitycheck.pl. The script can also be run as a cron job. Results will be delivered by email to an address specified on the command line.

Sanity Check should be run on a regular basis as a matter of best practice.

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